August 1 ,Where did I Go?

August 1 ,Where did I Go?

Dear Friend

I  am here! I am finally here,at college!!

And okay,Its not exactly what I had expected .I have to blame movies for putting ideas in my head.

 So i hope you can understand why I am both happy and sad .I am trying (don’t believe that for a second ) ,how that could possibly be.I think my crazy pants family are to blame for my demise and it all began two weeks ago.

 It all started one sunny morning when i casually asked my mum if i could get a brand new pair of jeans.I considered it quite important since i was going to be a college freshmen in less than a week.

 What better way to speed-dial my transformation from dorky to at least normal than by dazzling with a curvy-showing ass-tight baby phat pair of black jeans.

I have always been known as the dorkiest kinky adorning Gracie since forever and my entire graduating class knew me as hand me down.So i eventually got her to lend me twenty dollars after a few tears.So i bought a single ,decent pair of  jeans on the corner of Chinhoyi . They were not exactly baby phat but they had to do for a clearance price of only $15.00. So that brings me to the first day of college:the present.

I am sitting down not minding the sun rays that could blind further a blind mice  waiting for  business management to start.Whilst i am waiting i am counting down the minutes before my first college social life starts heating up.

I swear I feel my palms all sweaty and is that my tummy rumbling or a 7.0 Earthquake is headed our way.I literally am out the door when two super artificial life sized Barbie doors make their way towards me. They come right over and ask to sit with me and i was like ,”Me…..of course” .But deep down inside I was doing Gangnam that could shame Psy.

Then just like that the universe seemed to be paying me back for not helping that old lady cross the road. The flawless skinned one gave me her white sparkly smile and looked at me as if  i had suddenly grown roots .She said that she had heard that i was twenty-one and she blamed my un-flattering over-sized t-shirt on that assumption.

I was about to go crazy eyes on her (FYI:Cry) and explain that i was indeed twenty-one .But i never got the chance to explain that my t-shirt was an environmental awareness marketing strategy and i was showing my support.  The life sized Barbie dolls were already applying mascara and strawberry lip gloss to their already perfect lips and they wouldn’t have heard me even if i was blowing a vuvuzela.

Wait! What just happened here? I am the only person in this class that seems to have time traveled from the swinging 60’s . I am sitting in the corner of this eighty-sized classroom looking at my t-shirt and thinking, ” I should have worn that blazer” .As far as first days go i have officially flunked the first day test.

I will talk to you soon

Your loving Friend




Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .