I Went to Let Them Arts Festival

I Went to Let Them Arts Festival

548b0e_049c1c6966944a2b89ecb7f713ed0804.jpg_srz_p_413_586_75_22_0.50_1.20_0A few days ago I went to Let Them Festival to volunteer (I prefer the term helping hand).This means that I woke up before six took the kombi(commuter omnibus) ,walked from Charge Office got a kombi to the venue ,got to the venue ,picked up my volunteer tag (cringe) ,pushed my way through the crowds of divas and selfie-taking lads alone ,sat in my seat alone and watched the day unfold in front of me forgetting the rumbling tummy .

I do not even remember half of the fun packed days except that I met very interesting people .One particular person actually stands out and honestly something happened to that I -so-do-not-know his age man. Their particular intercession with television soap operas has provided a platform on which it is okay to be self-absorbed and concerned with only them.

I wish I could say that I watched the whole arts festival but well I hate to ruin the moment: I did not. I was stuck half of the day at the Registration table and people have often said in my native language (anochinja se weather) which basically means that the weather changes frequently and its erratic changes are similar to a person’s. The sun decided to make an appearance forget that Albert Nyathi was pitching up it had to make an appearance first.

I reckon that even I have a little bit of luck, courtesy of Shumba Mahewu I ended up with a huge branded Shumba Mahewu umbrella that kept the sun on its toes and out of sight. The highlight of the days was when I had a picture taken with Albert Nyathi,Pro Beatz ,Ammara Brown and Ba Shupi and all the awesome people I met and saw.

So there I was at the festival, watching the schools taking turns to go on stage, I felt like an idiot for not having signed for drama class back in high school. If you want to understand why this was a must attend festival, look no further than the people who came in their twenties. Let them Arts Festival is an amazing organization that allows young children to showcase their talent and what better way to have fun in the sun than  attending their festivals.

My friend Nik Nak will probably tell you that I volunteer lot and I have been to a couple of events that I was a volunteer. The previous event I volunteered was at the With Love Foundation pillow fight day and without being told you can easily tell that these are all organizations that utilize the volunteering system. Let Them Art Festival was a different scenery for me an it allowed me to embrace my artistic side .

The schools came and so did the artists and exhibitors and it was only after one that my feet got some moving action and my tummy some needed help. I took my break seriously as I was determined to look around and my favorite exhibitors were Farai ( it has nothing to do with the sanitary freebies I received) ,SOS Children’s Villages ( I heart you guys and I love the wrist band) and Shoko Festival ( did I hear Casper) .

The food was great  and this is for the cotton candy man (what were you thinking) and to the girls I spent the day with just hugs and kisses. I will not be going on any roller-coaster rides any time soon as the adrenaline rush did not agree with me .I could not have had fun if i hadn’t met Sinclair,Chido,Nick ,Sheu,Ashley and Larry they just made the whole event possible.
Rather than the unspoken words in the air nothing dramatic occurred unless you count Mufakose’s big win (Makorokoto).On the bus home I sat next to a guy who was just dying to soak his legs and I cannot blame him. What happens on the way home stays between me and whoever was there . Will i pitch up for another festival? We just have to wait and see.



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