August 2,Maihwe!

Dear  Friend

Maihwe!!! That’s the expression i use when life throws a curve ball.I hate my life (2/4 of the time anyway). I wish i could say i nailed second day but i got nailed.Where is a fairy godmother when you need one. I am definitely  not the average collegiate who goes home with her pedicured feet dust free with her knot free weave to wait for the maid to dish out supper.Neither do i belong to the app group with only sane minded people nor do i have a boyfriend that sends cute smiley emoticons every five seconds .

I however have natural hair that cannot stand the static on a windy day and adorn a gap tooth smile that many assume makes me quite a distinguished English speaker. Some days i wish my life unfolded in a movie and i would have the perfect skin,designer clothes and one million twitter followers ( i heart you all my fourteen twit-hard followers). My life in actual fact is reality unscripted.

The better part of the day i wandered around campus as the bogeyman from the swinging 60s without a pinch of balm to quench the dryness of my cute pout.

Kurauone!Is what my mother always said and definetely life begins now and i am in a class of my own .

Have to rush.




Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .