Handiite ZveMaGroup: Which Role Do You Play?

Handiite ZveMaGroup: Which Role Do You Play?

Recently i was added to the church group  and i am not going to complain because when my phone vibrates the old lady next to me starts peeking through her shoulder.Unless you do not have whats app bundles  but secretly wish you had you are part of a group and chances are high you are an admin in one of the groups.



With that said they are roles that we sub consciously play in the group .See what role you play?

1. Miss Speechless

When she decides to speak the only word that comes out of her mouth is “lol” or its a bunch of emoticons that do not make any sense at all.You can’t help wondering if there is an ounce of intelligence in her.

2.  Jack & Jill

In a group of twenty people they act as if they are the only two people and you cant help asking “what happened to inbox?” ,

3. Lazy Pants

” Wait,When did she say that”

Lazy Pants is the one that never reads the group chats yet dare ask “what happened?”

4. Zifm

By the time you wake up ‘your stereo’ has already posted twenty seven messages and its only six arm


She is the one that when we planning a camp she only wants to take camp forget that you are ill or your toes are cold she is not a drifter.


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .