August 3,Is That You?

Dear Friend 

I didn’t exactly make any friends unless you count the girl that sat next to me because there weren’t any chairs left  but i did meet a former classmate from way back.

I didn’t walk up to them and say ” You finally made the cut and got into college”,Instead I dashed into the girls bathroom .The reason i did that was simple :in high school Lizzy (not real name) was teased a lot and everybody called her Stinky Lizzy.

Liz was fun to be around and i liked her and we were all cool till about thirty minutes ago.Over the years the braces had come off and she got quite curvy and grew a pair of c-cups.

With all that development it seemed she had lost her memory and common sense.Now that she is oh-so-curvy she acts as she is all that and a bag of chips .

What’s sad is that she gave me the look down as if she doesn’t spell dorky yet i had her back when her braces were still there and her scent was a nightmare .

Well i hope that she is happy and she has found herself .Is there hope for me ?or i am going to be friendless.





Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .