Musings of a Fairy Tale Lover

Musings of a Fairy Tale Lover

I think  we can both agree that fairy tales are popular with young children all around the world and at one time we all fantasized about the dashing prince charming  coming to our rescue with his chariots in town.

Unfortunately life has no happy ever after and things do not go according to plan .Here are some lies that fairy tales told me  :

Kissing  Is

Is it just me or every kiss in movie is so perfect and flawless. I remember gushing about  Snow White and her prince :how sweet it was.

Remember your first kiss?  it wasn’t with Prince Charming or at a royal ball but rather at the back of his mum’s diaper smelling Datsun and there was ZERO MAGIC and 100% sloppy.

Shoes don’t always fit


Can someone ask the evil step sisters how they felt when their shoes didn’t fit? Is it me or there is that pair of heels that is a size too small just wont fit you but will turn heads everywhere guaranteed.

Dressing Up Isn’t Wham Bam and Done

I bet we all remember Fairy Godmother and how she transformed Cind in seconds from rags to glam with  just a wave of a wand .I still can’t get dressed in less than thirty minutes and sometimes i look worse than a tornado survivor even when i have taken forty minutes to do so.


The Dreaded Evil Stepmother

Didn’t Cinderella have an evil stepmother ? Stepmother’s were portrayed as evil while in real life some are just are just too darn adorable.



Happy Ever After

At the end of every story they lived happily ever after  and i wish i had a happy ever after.My life has been a roller coaster full of mounting debts,bad hair days and no sign of prince charming.


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .