Unzip My Jeans

Unzip My Jeans


02F13FMDT_largeJust the other day i was doing the all familiar ritual that we all ladies know and have done at one time when we just want to get into those tight ass skinny jeans before that big date.

The little squeeze,tug and a little jump to look all dolled  up and as soon as we all zipped up bending becomes a little too hot to handle. Forget the button pressed on your tummy we will all do anything to look so fabulous yet forget the repercussions.I happen to love skinny jeans and the tugging didn’t bother me till i read an article on BBC.

You can imagine my shock when i read that tight clothing may cause a person to feel a tingling sensation on their thigh due to excessive pressure on a nerve in the pelvis .Dr Sarah Jarvis said ”  Tight trousers have also been blamed for exacerbating heartburn by putting pressure on the abdomen, which in turn pushes stomach acid upwards – although Jarvis says this tends to be more of an issue when waists are cut unfashionably high. ”

And its not only women at risk off the dreaded tight pants syndrome even men should have their guard up.Tight clothing in man can cause testicular tonsion where testicles gets twisted .So Prowlers ,next time you go to the gym  get sweat pants and when you tempted to squeeze a little and desperately try to stretch ,think twice!




Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .