August 4, Accounting For Dummies

August 4, Accounting For Dummies

Dear Friend

It’s way past midnight and the cock has crowed at least twice already and i am about to pass out with exhaustion yet i am freaking out because i still don’t understand what’s going on.

What a way to kick start college !

I bet the strawberry lipped girl is snoring her nose off without a worry of accounting interrupting her Gucci filled dreams.


I find myself inclined to google accounting for dummies that girls like me use to understand just about anything.But instead i find myself catching an episode of Pretty Little Liars.

I cannot understand why I do crazy-weird stuff at times when things get a little hot-to-handle.Who else dances to James Brown when they too lazy to go for a run?

I am just totally confused now .Whose A Can someone tell me who Charles is? .Just when you think Allison is A things take a huge dive and there is a huge dive. This is confusing a little bit.

Just as I am about to watch episode five my door creaks open and its not the tooth fairy sneaking in to get my sister’s tooth .It’s my mum.Is it me or mum’s have a sixth sense they are masters of ‘perfectly inappropriate time’.

Anyways my mum goes on a 400m sprint and asks me why I am catching an episode of the liars of Rosewood instead of catching up with my books.

Before I can answer pretty little liars is switched off and i am escorted to my room.I feel like i am in sixth grade and it’s quite strange ,because I feel like I am walking into Chikurubi Maximum Prison of accounting and I am sending an SOS to all of Sunshine City.

By the time i reach my room i just want to open the flood gates .Unlike Ariana I have one more problem to add to my closet of problems.If not making any friends isn’t a bummer definitely adding accounting dummy to that list is just more than bummer but pure humiliating.

Let Me Google.





Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .