August 6, Cornrow Episode

August 6, Cornrow Episode

Dear Friend


I don’t know why,just because I happen  to have decided that cornrows are my thing i am subject to this debate of feminine norm-even though I had commended the girl sitting next to me that her weave suited her.

Don’t they know that how i wear my hair is my choice and nobody can tell me what defines me as feminine is not the style in my hair but the sway of my hips,the stride of my feet and the smile plastered on my face.

I mean it is bad that they have to whisper in corners about my baggy jeans and Donald duck t-shirts but my cornrows are off limits.If ever i could speak up and not write down my feelings i would be a little less heavier because sometimes i feel my chest has a garbage can size of unspoken words.

You can’t tell a person that she is so girly ,then suddenly be all,’Oh ,no ,wait,cornrows are for high schoolers “,when all she wants to do is wear her hair the way she wants too.

I mean this could make a reasonably  sane person insane  and i am not even close to sane .

I wish to be sane and understood.




Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .