Are you there Gracie?its me sanity

Are you there Gracie?its me sanity

“Here I Am”

“I need you to listen carefully Mum”,I said to my mother as I began my two minute speech ,”did you prepare for this day ,wait ,did you buy anything in pink?Can we go now to Barbour’s and purchase seven for each day of the week I absolutely have no time for laundry with high school algebra and Egyptian history” I said .My mum was sitting at the edge of the bed staring at me as if she was watching a horror movie with bad lighting.

The fact that she hadn’t responded was unnerving me resulting in me standing in front of her and giving her I mean business face.I was fourteen years old and I had just gotten my boobs.I was excited about that new development in my life now i was about to own a bra forget hiding during physical education because I am a late bloomer.I was finally a woman at least in my eyes .

And at that moment I had to convince my mum I was one .” Baby what are you talking about ?”My mother asked in her almost earnest voice .I felt a lump form on my throat ,in my small mind she couldn’t possibly missed that unless I stayed on Mars .” I need a bra”I said in my not calm voice. ” We can get that over the weekend  baby “mum said .

I had never been happy in my life finally i would be less awkward so I thought not knowing that boobs were the start of an even bigger journey.Mum stood up to hug her awkward teenager who had just progressed to almost woman and she just had to whisper to my overly sensitive ear” I am so happy Gracie soon you will be off to University ” and in my head I can only whisper  ” I have to survive high school geography first “.

University had always scared me from the first time I learnt to pronounce it ,it was like an evil genie sent to rob every ounce of intelligence I had .For half of my teen years I would sit outside and wait for the shooting star so I could wish away university .My mum would remind me of university at every given chance all because i grew boobs.

I understood her zeal but maybe their university plans conflicted with mine which were non-existent at that time.I do find myself here and still own my boobs and a whole lot of teenage memories.Sometimes you find yourself at a place where you never thought you would be and that’s the beauty of life.

If anything my boobs have taught me is that when a door opens for you,you have two choices its either you close it or you run in and just like boobs that come in pairs so does right and wrong .Just the other day I heard my mum tell my brother that  he should follow my steps as I planned to graduate school,I chocked on the air .

I had learnt never to fight my mum look here I am .I heard my mum shout out ” Are you there Gracie?”


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .