August 7, Growing Up Pains

August 7, Growing Up Pains

 Dear Friend

I asked my mother today when we were chewing down sugar cane whether my curfew would change:

“ Don’t you realise that I am now at university and I am twenty two don’t you think maybe my curfew could change to maybe eight “ I asked  “ and I will check in with you almost every thirty minutes besides I have to study”

But all mother said was:

“Have you lost your marbles?. Under no circumstance will I change your curfew; I don’t like you moving around at night by yourself”

Why does bad things always happen to good people (you hear Santa)? I mean even strawberry lipped girl doesn’t have a curfew and she is only eighteen  and I am way older .Besides I am responsible I was a girl scout ,I did first aid and I know all the moves from the Karate Kid.

It’s just so unfair!!!!! I wish my school had residence and what happened to my application to Harvard. How am I supposed to be independent and learn how to be a responsible adult if I don’t navigate the rough waves of this sea we call world.

As if being the only girl that dresses like a scene from a 60s movie, I have to content with having to dash home on the 4pm bus before my mum freaks out. I thought college was a time to discover myself and where are all the sorority houses.

I have news for you friend, college isn’t what the movies portrayed: not for me anyways.I have to deal with the rowdy conductor that constantly refuses my three rand to the pit bull that enjoys barking my ear off and that is only in the wee hours of the morning.


I have to go those dishes ain’t doing themselves.



Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .