First Week Survival Guide

First Week Survival Guide

The first week of varsity is full of opportunities from meeting new friends to  catching a cute guys attention. You are entering a whole new scene in this chapter called life and most times you know few people or no-one at all and that means you have to navigate your ship carefully.From the vast numbers of ladies or guys you will meet during orientation ,class or the ladies ,one or two may interest you.But before you enjoy being a varsity student and letting yourself go beware of these does and don’ts of first week.

DON’T Bff the first person that smiles at you

You were lonely and sitting by yourself whilst biting your nails till she came to sit next to you and took your number.Now you start imagining a scene from the Roommate that leads you to texting each other every fifteen minutes and her saving you from the crazy pants roommate….but wait!

Although you both new and she is the only person that has been nice just remember you just started varsity and you cannot seriously make her your bff because her smile is warm.  Give it time you not a damsel in distress ;what if there is no connection?

Don’t Get All Green Eyed

Varsity experience will differ from one person to another and you are responsible for shaping yours. Just because your desk mate’s phone won’t stop ringing or she got asked out already doesn’t mean you doomed for the next four years. Don’t get peer pressurized to get out of your comfort zone because you want to fit in .We all come from different backgrounds some might be from Masvingo, Namibia and Zambia yet we all searching for that university experience so don’t lose who you are .

Do Stand Up for Yourself

First week is always tricky for anyone  but that doesn’t mean you have to adopt the hook up culture because its the norm for every collegiate or its trending.People have different values and boundaries so don’t push yours just because you hoping to catch the eye of Mcdreamy.

Don’t test how far you can go physically or mentally because  once in your life you want to be the cool kid .So never put yourself in a situation that you not comfortable with  to determine your breaking point . People do get asked out its not all hook up,dates still exist at varsity.







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