Confessions of a crazy lady

Please forgive me as I’m about to admit to things  that i will never openly admit to even if you holding a machete in your hand (I might have to spill if it comes to that ). Ladies will cringe a little inside because some maybe guilty as me and have an idea of what i am saying.

1. Every time I say I am on my way or five minutes away ,sometimes I would still be in the house and then end up blaming Seke Road’s slow oozing traffic just not to get my head bitten off.

2.  They say its a break up because its broken but is it me or the first few days after the breakup you find yourself checking his Facebook and twitter (whose that girl on his arm ) .You would rather he mop and leave you sixty messages than post his abs that you will miss so-much but won’t openly admit to.

3. When no one is around and i don’t have a second to spare(cannot miss a second of Harvey) i pee with the door open and with no absolute shame that someone might see me.

4.  I secretly wonder if the cutie my friend introduced to me as her cousin  is single and how  good we look together and can’t help asking if he is single.

5. I sometimes have to bite my tongue when a friend tells me that her boyfriend cheated while i am dying to say ‘what goes around ‘ and ask if she remembers Tommy but then i have to bite my tongue and pretend  i have amnesia.


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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