Drama is Inevitable ,But Smiling is Optional

Drama is Inevitable ,But Smiling is Optional

After i spoke at the young women church seminar recently on ‘ Bold Women Smile ‘,a beautiful young woman raised her hand  and said ,” Oh,Ancy you very BLESSED ! You are so strong and you know what you want ! I wish i could be bold and smile when drama knocks on my door !you really are amazing and bold “.

I couldn’t help laughing and with my candy dripping smile I told the darling girl that i didn’t have my life in order .There was a lot of band aids where bullets had pierced and at one time I found myself struggling to maintain friendships with women.One moment ,we would be texting constantly like one too many secret letters in fifth grade and trying not to get caught by the eagle eyed Mrs Rwezuva.

Then a moment later  we are pulling each others hair and trying not to stab each other with irreversible words that are all based on unconfirmed suspicions ,unfounded accusations and a drop of the green eyed monster. Shortly after the fallout i would buy a two liter tub of devonshire ice cream and cry myself to sleep with UN-break my heart. I couldn’t help myself because shortly i would repeat the whole circus act all over again.

I felt like a victim and wished someone would start Drama Queen Anonymous  and we could talk about drama and share a doughnut till i realized that drama was attracted to me as bees are to flowers and it was  robbing me of my joy.  It wasn’t till i realized that drama is going to be always there and so is the option of smiling when life hands you a double slap of drama.

Many of the ladies in attendance then asked me questions about life’s drama and how to tackle it  because,evidently no one had been blunt with them before.I squared with them and told them that Drama is inevitable for everyone ,but we have an option as to whether we will smile or not. I choose to look at all the good things happening in my life rather than wait in anticipation for all the gruesome complications that can occur at any point in life . Drama is inevitable and it can rear its ugly head anytime but it shouldn’t ruin our glossed smiles.





Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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