Saving Money In College

Saving Money In College

I am not a financial expert, but…

I hate being broke before I even hit the second week of the month. In the past two years I have spent almost two hundred dollars on doughnuts only and that calculation is based on the receipts I could find. So often I never have any money for a rainy day when I really need to pay my Telone bill so I can research or when my hair needs that deep wash at the saloon.

To avoid being broke I devised some practical ways that any student can utilize to save money and become their own wolf of savings.

Put $5 a Month in Eco save

That might seem like a huge amount but it can make a difference one day when you really need it and you can’t ask mum because you have no perfect excuse for asking. If you scared of procrastination you can even ask mum to transfer five dollars into your ECOCASH account and then you won’t have to worry about thinking you can spend it and return later.

Don’t Buy If you Have Your Lunch bag

Avoid buying a burger or chips during break when you have perfectly made sandwiches in your lunch bag because you more worried about what people will think when they discover Granny still makes you a lunch pack.

Avoid Impulsive Buying

I do that a lot and that has cost me and I am not even employed. I once splurged twenty two dollars on a jar that I didn’t even need because I had seen a look-a-like on a TV show and that made me angry as it left a twenty two dollar hole in my pocket.

Piggy Banks are not childish

I own one and its green (could have gotten a pink one if I could find one ).Every time I am lucky and get a two rand kombi I am not using the three rand change for anything more than throwing it in my piggy because I never know what amount I will have come Christmas.


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