I just want a smile
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I just want a smile

“Some girls want big behinds and cleavage worthy boobs ,All I want is braces that will make me smile more”is the thought that reared its disfigured head while I sat in the corner and tried not to cry as I watched with envy at the cute couple who were taking one too many selfies and in my shallow mind they were very lucky to have beautiful smiles.

My obsession with my crooked smile started when I was in high school ,I was teased a lot about it and I reckon I never grew out of it. When I got to varsity, I then decided to devise ways of taking a selfie without actually smiling and this included the inflated mouth and the slight up frown . I hated smiling and still do and that has contributed to me not capturing the great moments that life has because in my eyes  my teeth disfigurement has made my life a former shell of its self. I miss the good old days of childhood when all i had did was smile and smile without a care of the world.Now I have to strategically look like my smile is perfect so i appear as friendly and also grab Romeo’s attention.

My imperfect teeth has made my life a little bit different (I allow it,I think) it has made me less confident in a crowded room and I shiver at the thought of someone actually seeing me smile.They(my teeth) have a way of drawing people’s attention from my eyes to them and some look utterly disgusted but oh well.So like any normal sane young woman I decided to take matters in my own hands and consult about braces at the nearest orthodontists. Some times I wished I hadn’t gone so I wouldn’t feel more discouraged.

Whilst my peers dream of fancy designer clothes and restaurants they want to check out ,all I want at this point in time is Braces that will give me the million dollar smile. I have no idea how any normal person will get that huge sum of money that will give them the million dollar smile,maybe a Go Fund Me Page.But as for me i have started saving with piggy bank dearest and i currently have $1,23 and it might take me a little longer but who knows maybe i have a fairy godmother out there LOL!!!!!!



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