The Stylista -NR Rodrigues

The Stylista -NR Rodrigues

Anyone with a scissors and a bunch of magazines can be a fashion designer . Select a dress you want,cut it out,stick on your wall next to that pair of  red heels. There you go:you did it! You have passed the amateur fashion designer test!

And if you are like me ,you could always follow Zimbabwe Fashion Week take a photo of yourself, upload it to Instagram (tagged with #nexttopdesigner) and follow it up with a picture (several of them) of you and the models.If you really want you can then purchase your box of crayons and a lot of manila paper and draw up that dream fairytale dress.

For the second time this year, i have been invited to a wedding and  dinner party respectively.

It almost feels unreal .

And you know me, any excuse to wear a dress i am game.

So the search began till an encounter with Nikita and i have met my match.

Currently I am obsessed with  fashion brand,NR Rodrigues Evening and Bridal Wear .I just cannot get enough of her feminine shaped ,out of this world and creative use of color dresses . I believe in fairy tales and I will never pass an opportunity to feel like Cinderella minus the glass slippers (smile). NR Rodrigues makes every woman feel like her own fairytale has a happy ever after be it Red Riding Hood was your favorite or the seven dwarfs are your buddies ,she will make you feel like you can have it all.

Here is a Peek:IMG-20150908-WA0001


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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