There is a picture in my phone of  someone i used to know ,its blurred but you can clearly see the smiling faces.They look straight into the camera and shyly smile,hands on hips and perfectly matching t-shirts. Their eyes are playful ,loving and oblivious to the impending tears that would pry on their happiness. Beneath the picture ,a caption says the date is “24/05/2013

No one tells you that a break up is harder than any course you will ever take or  the feelings associated with it but they will tell you being single is the worst state a human being can be in. Being single doesn’t really mean that you are sworn off love and that you are ready to sign away your life to singleness. The end of any relationship be it just good old friendship isn’t easy for anybody. Who would like to give up cute gifts,cheesy texts and quite some loving for a season of  being alone. We all know that if soap has an expiration date  ,even our relationships can go stale .Now,put on your prowler face and read my how to jump ship advice.

  1. Acceptance

Sometimes you just have to accept that you are over and the only luggage you can carry is that of all the memories you had and the places you went to.


2. Get A hobby

Do yourself a favor and get a hobby it will distract you from all the thoughts of that person .Don’t allow yourself to think that something might be utterly wrong with you because he left.


3. Move on

Stop checking his Facebook or his Instagram Pictures .



Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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