Twenty Dollars for this Pearl?

Twenty Dollars for this Pearl?

Imagine yourself  in her size five shoes and her size eight floral dress and all the men she has met .Just for a few minutes let’s walk in her shoes and call ourselves Sugar because that’s what he calls her in the quietness of night.

I have never met her,but something she wrote in her diary about “herself”  sums up exactly how she felt :

” I still think you are beautiful and love you even though your  body is frail .” I do not remember the young girl who was Prom queen and had a dream of being a neurosurgeon .I do not remember the vow she made to her parents or herself but I do remember that she was socially awkward ,emotionally closed off and completely lost.I do remember the problems my parents had and how different i was from other girls. I remember men constantly staring lustfully at my body and how they would stop their cars to wink a little and lie in my face.That was the moment when i realized,I can sleep with these men and paying my way through university. I wasn’t qualified for anything and  i couldn’t get hired since i was in school full time and could only work part time. I remember all the over greased bodies that have moaned in my quarters and have promised me stars in the shadows far from his loving family. I live a double life and i cannot tell all the people I meet that i am full-time student and a part-time prostitute …”.

University is very interesting.You can go To Harvard or Harare Institute of  Technology or University of Botswana or any university of your choice expressly designed to meet the needs of any student.If you have certain criteria,you can find a university that is near a beach,a different city or has the hottest guys.When you go to the university of your choice you guaranteed to be paying for your education unless you have a scholarship. However because of the diverse backgrounds we come from,some students will do anything for extra money.

One cannot exactly walk up to Chicken Inn’s manager and ask for a part time job in Zimbabwe unlike the movies where a student can work at Starbucks ,you can only get a job during the holiday if you very lucky. Young women will do pretty much anything to get food on the table and pay for university whether that means working in a smelly,crowded bar till 6am or having sexual relations with older wealthy “baba’s).

Can i call sleeping with baba’s prostitution or its just two people receiving what they both deem important? .Times are tough for everyone and who am i to stand in judgement of “her”. However there is always a choice for everyone and we cannot justify our actions with pointing our shaking fingers on the economy or our roots. I have heard of girls that sell home made mats,bake cakes and tutor their way through college. They chose to use their hands to work their way through university.

I do find myself angry at times when i think of these old baba’s that prey on vulnerable young women and yet wonder whether in their solitude moments common sense knocks.I hope when they sit with their doting wives singing along in church hymns they self inspect their actions.As my friend said it ” Ndozvinoitwa Mwana wake zvanoita,so watch out what you do to one man’s daughter someone is doing to your daughter”.

When I think of  these women that strive for an education at any cost I drag my sleepy self to Varsity.I use an Eversharp pen that reminds me that what i write today in my life ,i will read tomorrow .

Can a pearl be worth twenty dollars?


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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