And Then,he turned into a Prince

And Then,he turned into a Prince

The world is constantly changing faster than anyone ever imagined and in ways that are complicated and yet funny.These changes often leave us raw and the cultural norm is shifting particularly for women like me with the rise of ‘ Geek Charming’. Gone are the days when prince charming would dominate our dreams and our wishful fantasies  that we couldn’t exactly shout out.

University campuses are interesting .You can find the hunks,hipsters, Afro clad skinny wearing guys that follow Kanye more than they follow BBC but amidst the hunks are the invisible baggy jeans wearing minty guys we all call “Geeks ‘.These are the guys that wont  talk smooth,confuse Green Day with an environmental group and blush every time you wave. Forget Suits ,big bang is trending and the Rise of ‘Geek Charming  is on the rise.

Here are 5 reasons why you should date a Geek :

  1. Geeks turn to be genuine .They wont try to impress you with their  sixty-dollar  sneakers they bought over the weekend or all the girls they have dated .
  2. Geeks are tech savvy and they are your own personalized tech expert when your laptop crushes or your phone cannot connect to the internet.
  3. They will accept your body shape just as it is after all we can’t all be models .
  4. They are romantic  and perfect gentleman .
  5.  Geeks are  successful ,do you remember Steve Jobs?Apple?

Forget the designer wearing rude tattooed boyfriend your mother will hate at sight and your clan will shout “Yohwe” when they meet him and rather shift your hazel eyes to the guy that is acing your programming class and who knows maybe ‘ awkward weirdo’ might be Geek Charming.




Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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