Life does not give you time to rehearse

Life does not give you time to rehearse

Sometimes I  sit on my doorstep with my hand pressed down on the panic button wishing Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother would pay a visit to my house. Maybe its pure stupidity that makes me believe that if she actually existed she would just magically organize my life,write my assignments , get rid of the belly fat that i am trying so hard to shed and get me that internship at Econet.

Unfortunately  if that happened then we will all be missing that special magical formula “Suck it up” and a dash of patience. People constantly push us to the limits either by showing up late to a meeting,not doing the assignment and never paying a debt they owe.Everyday i am constantly being pushed to the limits by the traffic jam along Seke Road ,the cafeteria line (can you not hear my stomach rumbling) and the till operator’s long queue and even though i know that i will meet such obstacles i never have time to rehearse my reaction.

Life is different from a play where you can anticipate the reaction by reading the script and  giving your Oscar worthy performance to the eager crowd.Life will come swinging at you and it never gives you time to rehearse your dodging skills .

We all remember our parents telling us to” get it together “when our laundry  had piled up and that advice will help you ‘get it together’ .I am no self help guru and neither do i have psychology degree from Georgetown but i am learning to accept life’s untimely knockdowns. A few weeks back i decided  to trade  sulking and murmuring  and getting a “laugh my ass off” no returns gift card.Its not easy humming to One direction while waiting for the doctor to drag his feet back to the office or chatting with the creepy old man next to you in the Kombi who has tons to say about the traffic system whilst waiting for traffic to ease up.

Life does not give you time to rehearse but be that person that chooses to see the joy of life than the misery of it. If i rehearsed my life i would have never learnt the gift of ” patience”



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