What If

What If

I sometimes think to myself that i am a little too weird .I am a hopeless romantic and a huge dreamer and both equally have brought me trouble at one time or another. People have often called me a fairytale lover as I am constantly looking out for that handsome hazel eyed man to knock on my door.

So recently Avry (King Avry) sent me a copy of his song ‘What if ‘being the outdated young woman who i am he was doing me a favor (not that I will tell him that out loud).I eagerly listened to the track that one could easily mistake to being a Jay Sean track.

I equally loved and hated the song because i was born in the 90s, where women were just quiet and gentle creatures and grew up in an era where women were outspoken and go-getters. I wonder whether my upbringing is the reason why my life turned out to be a cheesy sad love story that is unashamed to oppose his lyrics and at the same time love them too.

I grew up in a household where we were taught to be honest and respectful. I do not know whether I should count myself lucky that I am surrounded by men that shake hands with a firm grip and hold doors for women thus ‘ my own commanding officer ‘ and a guy that will fight for me in the ‘front line of a battle’ is an attractive guy.

I think we all can agree that a man that will get you what you want is quite a scarce resource and he is the reason why we chasing Steve Harvey with our sky high heels. We all running after those million dollar tips on how to attract, keep and eventually marry that guy we have been checking out since he moved next door.

Avry did create quite a catchy love song but me being a victim of some really sad pre-adulthood experience i stand in the front lines of any battle and have forgotten how it feels to have your own ‘commanding officer’ .Don’t pity me yet, i am attractive-not beautiful ,mind you just attractive. I am easy on the eyes and in my case i have a cub’s mane of black hair and quite some junk in the trunk but i am a half done badly cooked bowl of vegetables.

‘What if ‘opened Pandora’s box to what is missing in my life ‘my own hero’ and this makes me want to flip through my mental contact list to find that one guy that almost made the cut but then he had to call his mummy every thirty minutes (sigh).We all looking for ‘the one’ but what determines my seriousness in this endeavor of finding my ‘ what if’ is it me laying down my armor or is it being a little more feminine(not that I am not ).




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