Looking for Sanity

Looking for Sanity

Hi, my name is pretty but hopeless. You probably think you don’t know me, but trust me when I say we have met. Maybe you whispered to your friend that my butt wasn’t twerking enough or maybe you watched me hopelessly flirting with the guy in the leather jacket at the party of mutual acquaintances. I am that really messed up young woman who is a walking contradiction to the bestseller He Is Just Not That into You. Did you at least watch the movie?

I read the book cover to cover and occasionally rummage through my huge pile of books in search of that double slapping truth when his signs are hazy .One would think after reading the book I would be a little less hopeless and more ‘pretty and strong’ . My girlfriend frequently tells me that she thinks I am happily single, of which I am. Being single is great I can spend the whole day in pajamas and eat five helpings of cherry ripple ice cream if the mood strikes.

However in your happily single ever after a dashing prince will gallop into your fairy tale and make you believe in the strange magic we call ‘love’. That is what happened to me and he looked all right but we all know the story of the three little pigs, big bad wolf huffed and puffed my house away. I would stare at my phone willing it to ring but it never did till three weeks later when he finally rang and I had already deduced that he wasn’t into me.

I just do not get this all wait- for- a- couple- days-to-call business people are into and the ‘how to text him to keep him interested’ rules. Is it me or all these guides just complicate the strange magic portion that should be carefree and simple. When will it ever be simple and you can give clear signals that you interested. Am I the only that is scared of crossing the ‘he going to call after three weeks ‘ and the ‘he is just not that into you’ line.

I love to rant and I am no love guru considering that I am looking for a little sanity in my life so pardon my views because I am an over-thinker. When I do meet someone and there is that vibe, I don’t want to sit at the phone waiting for him to call because he doesn’t want to hit the highway already. Some people are a little insecure and over-thinkers imagine the trauma of waiting for a guy that’s not into you or doing the three mile run, that is just enough to get her packed off to rehab.

We all fear rejection and that’s normal but imagine how many books do you have to read to just keep that guy interested .I recently talked to two of friends and I heart them all but their love lives are a little less dramatic than season 2 of Empire. One of my girlfriend was in deep like with a guy and she found herself humming for no reason, investing in a make-up kit and signing up for yoga. The guy also liked her and still does and I know because his friends told me when we met at the barbeque.

One would think six months later they will be holding hands, getting matching t-shirts and dancing to the music of their heart. I am still waiting for one of them to make a move because the chemistry between them is enough to light a fire. Not every person would be lucky sometimes the person you want does not even give an ounce about you and in that case you can cry yourself a river and move on.

When the signs are there don’t make excuses for him and blame it on insecurity and indecisiveness that they do not even have. I know when you been single for a while having someone to talk with *wink* is tempting but do not waste your time. But if the signs are there then hang in and maybe drop a few hints and winks and if that doesn’t work then get a copy of ‘he is just not that into you “

As I write this I am trying not to stare at my phone and sigh a little louder that maybe he will call but I am now an expert at this (thank you ice cream) so I am kind of ready for anything. I have seen both sides of the coin. I have been crushed openly after I misread the signals .It sucks knowing someone doesn’t like you the way you want but disappointments are a part of life .I have also had times when I read the signs correctly and it was empowering. Whether you misread the signs or read the signs correctly remember you pretty and strong and you can have it all.


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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  1. sapphi

    Great read. I don’t believe in the whole wait three weeks ish. These things don’t have to be complicated. I don’t think they have to anyway. Its either he is interested or not. Either yes or no.

    1. Ancillar

      I agree ,who enjoys waiting on the phone none stop.

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