Computer Crash

Computer Crash

I hope that I will eventually get over the fact that I showed up to college with a pair of torn jeans and I blame all that on the unfriendly Kombi seat –my worst nightmare was my laptop crashing in the middle of an assignment. My laptop decided to ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ me on the worst possible day ever and Halloween was just two days ago. I lost everything and with everything I mean all my pictures and all my class notes two weeks before exams.

I am a little devastated so here are simple to follow tricks that will help you not land in the same situation:

1 .Backup

Always backup your school assignments, pictures files either on the cloud or an external hard drive. Make sure that you copy your files to the drive on a weekly basis in case your computer crashes at any time.

2.Get an Anti-virus

Anti-viruses have become like shoes in that they are in abundance and they range from 360 to Avast. Even though you have an anti-virus it should be constantly updated to ensure it functions properly.

3.No to preheating

My mother has warned me of using my laptop on my bed countless times as this may obstruct the fan and cause overheating. Therefore always use your laptop on a desk but if you sense that your laptop is overheating switch it off immediately.

I am not an expert and hope those three tricks will help someone not to cry themselves a river when their computer crashes.



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