November 18,Hello

November 18,Hello

Hello. It’s me

I was wondering if you had missed me like I missed you so. It’s been ages since we last talked –and just had to say hello Adele-style.

I cannot believe it has been this long; the clear sunny skies have already paved way to the November rains and so I wave goodbye to sunny hats and shorts dresses and embrace wellingtons and raincoats. The clocks fell back when I was writing my exams and almost forgot how to be sane and now my sanity is back .I did however try to write as soon as I finished but I was having one disastrous letter after another .But I am back now on track.

So much has changed about me and I wish I could say I was the same person I was when I went quiet on you .I went through a brief period of ‘who am I living for’ which was followed by an intense few weeks of ‘whose life is it anyway’. Right now, I have settled for a new me who is not angered easily and will attain her dreams no-matter what. I have lost some friends and have made a few mistakes along the way but as my friend Mith says “make mistakes Ancy, it’s called growing up’.

Truth be told, I am a little scared of being a little confident and I keep telling myself that I own my look, my views and my playlist. I have been focusing on the little things that are making me smile which includes spending the day on the couch in my pajamas binge watching Criminal Minds and munching down Gogo’s  chocolate coated peanuts.

I hope you still there and you missed me too.



Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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