November 27,She ain’t picking up

November 27,She ain’t picking up

Dear Friend

Here is what i needed after  a weekend filled with rain,hot scones and twenty-two episodes of Criminal minds : a little love.But instead it came wrapped in teen numbers of fifty shades of something on Tuesday morning and unexpected.

I picked up my phone expecting it to be my high pitched girlfriend complaining about her new boyfriend that i didn’t bother looking at the caller ID.

“Hello,” I said,sitting up straight as if the caller could see me slouching .” Ancy,its Trevor “. Now i really sat up in bed .” Trevor? I found better Trevor?” .My voice was trembling now and my hands could barely hold my phone .

“Yes that guy,I had to call to say …”

He never got to finish what he had to say because i had disconnected the call.I wasn’t about to listen to him tell me that he was sorry for breaking my heart or how much he had missed me .I guess the ‘Adele’ effect had gotten to him but i wasn’t about to revisit the ghost of yesterday.

I can clearly see myself crying up a river wondering where i had gone wrong.I had made a promise to myself that i would never feel that way ever again or allow anyone to make me feel like i was some burnt pancake.

Sometimes people are going to let you down in life and it’s going to tear you apart but it’s up to you whether they will keep coming back to hurt you .



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