Dear Mr ,this young woman is not ‘chimhamha’

Dear Mr ,this young woman is not ‘chimhamha’

Some of you might think i am totally insane because i am writing a letter to an unnamed entity that i hope i will never meet again .And this is a good thing as I hope that i never have to walk past a gathering of men sipping on homemade beer  and whistling at every girl that passes through their line of sight.

Initially today I had planned on writing about shoes but a detour happened along the way to shoesville and so here I am.

This morning on my way to Mai Trevor’s Musika ( tuck shop) to buy 2pops for my little sister I walked past a group of bearded men chatting furiously and exchanging  a bottle of homemade beer calling out and whistling to women passerby’s.  As I walked past mind you i was wearing loosely hanging pants they all stared at me with their vision obscured eyes  . I pretended to not notice them until one of them shouted ” Chimhamha muripo. Makatakura kumashure uko . Maihwe !”. This maybe translated to ” You are beautiful and your butt is big.Wow “.  However for the sake of this blog I will not mention all the remarks i received .

At that moment in time i felt humiliated and  I almost turned back to lash out at the bearded men that i had called neighbor for several years . I kept on walking even though i was seething with anger ,who can blame me? for being angry at men that have nothing to do with their lives but whistle at young women passing by . I can only wonder how it is normal for a man to comment on your ‘booty’ that is seemingly big in public and not be ashamed .

I am extremely proud of myself that I did not respond  but as I write this i am seething with anger to every guy that has asked to grab my butt and more importantly to the one that offered me 50c to grab my butt. I think we can agree as girls/women that we are not defined by our physical features and it needs to stop.

My line of thoughts maybe wrong but i do not think women enjoy being whistled at and being called ‘ chimhamha’ .I for one totally loathe being whistled at .


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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