Chasing Nsungwe

Chasing Nsungwe

Nsungwe is just one of those girls that you just love instantly; if you happen to be me and are a self-confessed Queen of babble then she is just the girl for you. I have been blessed to have met and seen first-hand what this girl can do :it has nothing to do with me being her friend .So I sat down with the lovely Nsungwe to find out what inspires her.

For anyone who doesn’t know you who is Nsungwe?

Nsungwe :Nsungwe is a 21 year old journalism student, fashion illustrator, foodie, spiritual, health and wellness enthusiast ,religious young woman from Zambia.

Where did your passion for blogging come from?

Nsungwe :I don’t know where my passion for blogging came from. I just remember that in 12th grade which was four years ago, I created my first fashion blog.

Who has impacted you recently?

Nsungwe:  haven’t been impacted by a someone but a something ,an idea .I have recently fallen in love with the idea of doing less , to live a simplified life and feel every moment.

What would surprise people to know about you?

Nsungwe : I think people would be surprised if I told them I want to stop my fashion dream and take up health and  wellness.

Are you taken or single?

Nsungwe :I am taken .My boyfriend is such a beautiful soul.

What advice would you give a collegiate?

Nsungwe :Learn to create your own opportunities, not everything in life will be handed to you. Do your best while things are still favorable, you never know what tomorrow brings.

For those that wonder what she can do : indulge your fashion cravings with this illustration.

IMG-20151218-WA0020To find out more about Nsungwe Visit her blog at


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