Thank You

Thank You

Happy New Year!

The sun is slowly creeping in and illuminating my room and biding farewell to the darkness of yesterday and i am still in my pajamas even though the whole house is full of activity . I am making scones and hot coffee and filling my tummy up before i have to head out and live my life again .

I like to start my day slow as this allows me to absorb and inhale the tiny beautiful things in my life .I certainly hope this year will be a great year just as 2015 was. It felt so good to binge watch TV ,eat one more cookie and indulge in dessert and to just not have to worry about school and everything in between but every good thing must eventually come to an end .

I am not sad tho that i have to watch my waist again and live on a chips & chicken diet as i head back to college in February but i do however have something to say to you.

.All i want to say for now is thank you for reading my blog and for giving me space to be me .







Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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  1. natallie machado

    thank you ancillar for being you.. many of us could use real people in our lives

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