Why Every Girl needs to listen to Gashirai

Why Every Girl needs to listen to Gashirai

I was sitting on my favorite couch and sipping on homemade Mahewu when I first met Gashirai – he was on the other side of the paper and I was on the other and I was looking for nothing in particular when I encountered his article .The first thing I did was boo him even though he could not see me because I couldn’t comprehend why someone would write an article about ‘Top 20 business ideas you can start at university’.

I wondered where he was attending college because I was willing to apply there because in between nine hours of class, assignments, church and blogging: I just didn’t have a minute to spare. Even though I didn’t have a minute to spare (who am I kidding) I could use the extra money. I reckon we all have been there after your allowance has been divvied out on food, bus fare ,airtime and feminine products and you find out you cannot afford a new pair of shoes because you left with almost next to nothing .

I hate to admit it, but his article changed my life and he isn’t so bad in the real world too (I met him and nope we didn’t have coffee –yet). I always have money problems and I am waiting eagerly for that day when I can revamp my closet, buy a pair of those heels and take my girls out for dinner.

Imagine the experience of walking into Barbour’s to purchase that must have pair of sandals because you have that job that is giving you extra cash. The thing about the ‘business ideas by Gashirai’ is that you can totally do what you enjoy the most and it won’t ever feel like a job. If you have a passion for children you can offer babysitting service and if science and maths is your thing then give tutoring a hand.

If you like me and have been looking at your schedule as an ogre and you have programmed your mind to see busy, busy and busy then you need to exhale and take a step back. Do you feel overworked, anxious, drained or just plain unappreciated? Then maybe having extra cash isn’t so bad, imagine treating yourself to ice cream or a visit to the spa.

As a write this I am considering offering babysitting and tutoring services in my neighborhood and who knows, it might actually work. I am tired of hair-pulling when I arrive at BROKE airport. It was Gashirai who said “life on campus can be tight, busy and very challenging but at the same time, it can be enjoyable and fun filled and full of free time” and he was right.

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