What to do when you fall for your friend

Having a guy friend is like having a brother who is constantly there and who always picks up when you call even if it’s at 2am. He is your Winnie to your Piglet-bottom line he is your best friend. I think we all can agree that your guy friend is the one that you spend most of the time with and tell all your dirty little secrets to because he isn’t going to judge you.

But one day he is going to hold your hand whilst you crying over the loser that broke your heart and you get all mushy over his firm chest (how did he become so muscular). And then  feelings you never thought existed come spilling over your once friend radar and you then instantly attracted to your guy friend.

What can you do when the dorky friend you called brother becomes the dashing prince in your fairy-tale? .If you lucky enough the old lady at church might have mistaken you for a couple one-to-many times and you might have jokingly played ‘the couple’. Playing couple and taking the relationship from friendship to relationship can be tricky and so very confusing. If it has crossed your mind then keep reading but first ask yourself this question: Is friendship worth losing a friend over a maybe attraction?

However dating your friend has its ups and downs .The ups being:

  • He knows everything about you

He knows exactly where your birthmark is and he knows that no matter how much you try to diet you still have too much stretch marks on your body .You don’t have to fake smile, dress differently and fake an accent because he knows everything about you. Above everything else he has seen you ugly –and how  ugly you look.

  • His friends and family approve

How many times have you met his family? His family invites you to church, dinner and you don’t even have to buy his mum flowers so she can love you.

  • There is no awkward first date

You both love burgers and what ideal first date than to be munching down on a double cheese burger from OK than reading a how-to-use chopstick book so he can think you are a pro.

The bad:

  • It’s a one-sided love

You might tell him how you feel and he doesn’t feel the same way that could hurt more than being hit by one-eyed Bob

  • Things may get weird

You would be walking on shells from the moment you tell him

I don’t know what you would do but at the end of the day it’s your choice to make. You could tell him and awkward your friendship or you could become the sweetest couple out there. What would you do?







Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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