Tails of a Sunshine City Chihuahua : Summer shaving mishaps

For the love of summer wear and sunscreen may we please take a few minutes of our time to shave at least our armpits .You might be wondering what this Chihuahua is barking on about, well it happened today on a bus somewhere:

So today I was sitting in the bus on my way to some place I would rather not say and I was face bent on my phone joining in on the gossip mill on the whatsapp group when the dreadful happened. So I look up and BAM, there is Gonarezhou park in my face. I kid you not the amount of vast lands and uncut brown grass in that woman’s armpits would be mistaken for a park. Less than a ruler’s length away from my uncovered snoopy eyes is someone’s armpit. The last time I was this close to anyone’s armpit, I was comforting my shorter to the ground friend. And just to paint you my own Mona Lisa, imagine the mighty falls meandering through Gonarezhou leaving no dry land and flowing free eroding everything in sight.

So as I sat there, two things came to mind: is there a shortage of shaving sticks? Is summer an excuse to let it all hang? .To be honest I do not have any problem with anyone embracing who they are but when their sweat starts trickling down onto me, I cannot help but be offended. I braced the trickling drops of sweat on my skin until I could not take it no longer and I bought a ticket into the park .I politely nudged the lady and politely offered her wipes as she was sweating profusely as if she was coming from the hot sauna.

She looked utterly embarrassed and quickly wiped herself dry and so began the bus chatter till I got home. I was to discover that she had never used a shaving stick and her own only choice was a shaving cream that utterly disgusted her husband and children-it stinks. I am not well versed in shaving creams and sticks but at that moment I could have as well have invented them.

As I write this I have packed my mini bag for a shaving party as I realized that the  my hair is sprouting up quickly than i anticipated and  I could as well pass for a Southern African baboon. So as I write this a question haunts me, what would you recommend one use in terms of shaving cream ?

Till next time

Sunshine City Chihuahua




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