Can you ever keep faith in college

When I arrived at college I had a simple plan: find friends that have the same beliefs as me, go to Mass every Tuesday and attend church every Sunday. I was so proud that I had a plan but the thing about plans is that they don’t always go the way you want .

Two years later from that fateful August morning…..

I find my beliefs have been challenged, my values tested and my religion questioned time and again and again. Have you ever been so unsure of yourself that blurred lines appear on a blank white paper? I have found my virtue tempted by a tall, dark and handsome bottle of appealing temptation and at that moment I want to chant ‘ma problems ese disappear’ .

University is a great place as it allows you to discover who you are –we learn things textbooks don’t tell us about ourselves and our faith.  It  exposes us to new perspectives, people and lifestyle and it is so easy to lose a part of yourself because you want to do ‘zvoitwa ne povho’ .University was a game-changer for me, it was the darkness that usually follows Zesa’s load shedding –so unexpected.

Please do not misunderstand me ;I love college .Classes has tossed me around and I have had my share of drama but I have also grown into a better version of myself . Sometimes people hide their religion so that people won’t pinpoint them as ‘wekwa Magaya’ or anopinda kwa ‘Makandiwa’ but for some religion is a safe haven.

I think we can all agree that when you are a collegiate you have so much freedom –the crazy parties, the drinking and the famous ‘hook up culture ‘. College is a time for testing and daring yourself to do things differently, it’s not a bad idea to decide to attend a Tuku Concert once in your life .The important thing is that you find who you are and what your beliefs are.

Keeping the faith and your values is hard because you fear being ridiculed, laughed at by your peers and being called old fashioned and in our case ‘Akasara’. No one ever said it was easy and you might be taunted for having certain values but wasn’t it our elders that said ‘Ziva kwawakabva kwaunoenda irima’ which translates to ‘know where you come from, the future is not clear’. If then you were raised a Christian why then hide your values under the pillow for a few minutes of stardom as the girl that can twerk up a storm.

Personally it is not easy for me to keep my values, some days I want to be whisked away by my object of desire who doesn’t even believe in the word and other days I want to be that girl that shows up to mass on Tuesday.

So how then do you keep the faith in college? I would love to hear from you



Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .