An Ugly Shade of Green

So a friend from high school came to see me today .She talked non-stop about her campus, her roommate and her major (she is studying computer science with a concentration in networking in Canada ).. All I could do was cringe and think about my cookies baking in my oven.

Over the past year I have watched most of my friends move away, some are just a bus ride away and some continents away. Girl I am jealous. I sometimes wish I was visiting amusement parks, taking long walks in the park and interning for Google. I wish I had to learn Chinese so I could get along with my roommate and I wish I had to hop on a plane as often as possible.

There is not even a sane sounding reason why I ought to be jealous of her ,we still get the same experience ( I lie) and there isn’t a rule that says if you leave the country you are more qualified than anyone . Although I seem to be the only person in my group of friends that still calls Harare home and hasn’t been working for the past three months, isn’t a degree just a degree no matter where you are?

Sometimes you cannot help being jealous of your friend especially when they call and tell you about their great job, great boyfriend (especially if he is French) and their school activities. It’s only human to wonder whether you will be successful and rich when you graduate in comparison with your friends.

I won’t lie but sometimes when I hear their amazing adventures and experiences, I sometimes feel eager to move to a different connection and start living the way every collegiate seems to be. I am reminded that my success isn’t dependent on the location of my campus, my roommate’s hometown but on the effort I put in my school work.

I wish I knew how not-to-be green eyed sometimes when I hear about my friend’s college experiences .Do you ever jealous about your friend’s experience?


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .