Musings of a collegiate : Shaving down there

Musings of a collegiate : Shaving down there

I honestly don’t know where to begin .But I know that I need to write about this and get it over with so people will stop asking me about my shaving down there habits.

Long story, short: I have always wondered why I had to shave down there and look like a human size Barbie doll whilst men can get away with looking hairy and gross. This bothered me for a long time till I inherited (no lie) a bikini and I had to shave it off if I ever wanted to hit the pool ever again

So it’s normal to feel like you need to shave your vay vay once in a while even if you are Bridget jones and you won’t be naked in front of anyone at any moment in time for several years to come .I am a normal young woman who also likes to keep her hair under control so just for a second I want to imagine that I can afford laser hair removal (when is the next lottery draw) I wish.

Seriously I’m over it now and I was surprised to learn that veet is not suitable for the vulva because it’s a chemical which left me with two options :waxing and shaving . I hate pain so the idea of waxing is out of the question because I cannot stand that pain (you should see my face). I am a big fan of shaving because it’s less painful and you can do it any time and all you need is a shaving stick and the optional shaving cream .If you do need to be completely hairless and have a smooth cruise down there then waxing is your best bet.

As a person who prefers shaving but hasn’t made up her mind on what to use down there I just have to ask ,what do you prefer: shaving or waxing?




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  1. natallie machado

    i prefer waxing that way i know that i wont cut myself.. am so clumsy ladies .so just a wax will do
    though i rarely promise to removing it
    the hustle lols

  2. Tanaka Tanaka

    I prefer shaving and instead of a shaving i use sls free -aqueous cream and a disposable razor. It doesn’t irritate me that.


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