This flower will bloom

This flower will bloom

It’s a boring hot afternoon on the first day of February and I am lounging in my over-washed black jeans in my family’s medium sized kitchen. On the table sits a plate of Sadza, home-grown vegetables, and a cup of Mazoe .Out the window ,the Harare sky is a picture-perfect blue and a butterfly swoops up and down .It would have been a peaceful moment in an ideal world –if it wasn’t for the fact that I am trying to register for the new semester.

I was always under the assumption that when I got to college, I would be different.

I would be pretty.

I would be confident and outspoken.

I would stop buying stuff I have no need for.

I was so naive. So here I am, two years into college, and I am still a wallflower and a hoarder. If my diary could speak, it would beg me to stop writing my goals down.

In the past year ,I have tried to raise my hand in class when the teacher’s back is all I can see, have resorted to writing down my shopping list before I step out of the house and it is the hardest thing I have ever done.

While cleaning my room this morning ,I came across shoes I never wore ,a book I had forgotten I had bought and a flower vase I have no use for as a collegiate .Those items showed a clear image of my confused collegiate self who hasn’t done any growing up at all( rolling eyes).

I am not a total lost cause because I have done some growing up in the past two years (yippee yay). I have managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle (I eat an apple everyday); bath twice a day (save water???) and I always do my assignments and I know I am a success because people always tell me so(thank you Gogo)

Here’s the deal: people are different and some people will have their life figured out in no time and for some it takes more than a semester of college to grow up and be responsible. If college has taught me anything it’s that focus on who you are and cut yourself some slack if you don’t always attain a certain goal in your life.

What goals do you have that you wish you would have attained in college?








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  1. Elvis Kagoro

    im sure this semester will be different. you will set out to do that which you have written down to do.

    1. Ancillar

      I hope so too ! I hope you also attain all your goals

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