When I first pictured footprints, I figured it might look like a bunch of feet (some charred and others cute) barefooted and leaving prints in the rich soil of Southern Africa .I was wrong!

As I write this lounging in my over-washed black jeans on a couch gazing outside to the birds swooping up and down; I am barefooted and staring out to the picture-perfect Harare sky hoping that today I can leave a print in someone’s life as Footprints has left in mine .I feel so privileged to be called a Footprints Volunteer so much that I want every collegiate to have that privilege. I wish I could list down all the reasons why you should volunteer for footprints and sugar coat it but I want to share my story with you and hope it will inspire you to become a Footprints volunteer:

I chose to apply to the Footprints Volunteer program for a variety of reasons, it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy sitting on my couch eating one-to-many cupcakes and binge watching criminal minds and it also wasn’t that I was very smart that I would shame Einstein. It was because that I’ve always had a strong awareness to the fact that I had been blessed in life and afforded some privileges (some I wasted ) and I felt I had the ability to teach and therefore it was my prerogative to do what I can ,however small ,for the Footers of tomorrow.

So I showed up on the first day armed with low confidence and a love of books to go through a day training exercise that all volunteers go through (trust me it’s fun-if it was a school subject it would have been lunch). It was a great day for me because not only did we talk about my favorite cupcake (books); I met awesome people that I would come to call family. Day two into “Sisonke !” I got the chance to help teach science to the ‘Lil footers” which was fantastic and nerve wrecking at the same time .It was such a treat to share the love of science and books that I had kept locked for so long in the fear of being labelled a dork .

The children are always full of warmth, so fun and so passionate! Not only will the children impact your life, fellow volunteers will let you experience life in all its amazing mosaic of emotions and the highlight of volunteering for Footprints ,is being allowed to bring your library gold card and show off your ‘ I love books badge’ (I Kid you)..The biggest lesson I have learned to date is that it’s okay to fail at something and it is okay to acknowledge that you cannot do something and be open to learning and I have just started.

I sometimes imagine that if someone would bang their head so hard and look very closely to the ground they can see our footprints (mine included-by the way I am a size 5) moving in unison and where the big footers meet the little footers there they will merge into one (smile). I hope that you one day you too will leave your print in the sands of mind.

For anyone who has a love of books and children, I highly recommend volunteering for Footprints one Saturday every month-for the children, the books, and the cause

Visit their page today Footprints Community Trust or tweet them at @FootprintsZW and GIVE YOUR WORD at




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