TAILS OF LOVE: Remembering Pinky

TAILS OF LOVE: Remembering Pinky

A few weeks ago Dog World got a new arrival –she checked in with her neatly done pink paws and golden brown coat .My little girl, my friend and confidante ,Pinky . I always thought she would always be there to chew on my shoes and bark at random guys hitting on me and she would always be the first to welcome me home .I was wrong!

I bid farewell to my little girl, who lay on her pink blanket that she loved so much on a windy morning in January. She was given a lot of treats –bones, biscuits and her favorite chewy squirmy toy .I remember rubbing her belly as she stared at me with her big brown eyes –so hollow and terrified .She stared at me, tail wagging and breathing erratic .Her body was a frail distorted image of the former scary Bull mastiff I had held and talked too for a long time.

She was in pain and I wished to take away the pain and I remember praying for my little girl to get up and be healthy but she never made it. She couldn’t eat and she stared at me constantly wagging her tail as if to tell me that, it would be okay .I whispered sweet nothings to my little girl and covered her frail body with her blanket and I let her see my smile one last time.

I had tried everything and all I needed was a miracle. At exactly 09:05 she departed this world surrounded by her family and siblings .Tears streaked down my cheeks and I covered her body –my heart was torn and I couldn’t fathom the thought that she was gone. Goodbyes are never easy and tears are never far away .I wish I was strong and hadn’t cry but I am an emotional person and Pinky was my little girl.

Though she is gone and not forgotten, she left with memories of our walks, our cookies and of her siblings (Bobby, Poppy& Soapy). She will always be remembered. Though I am remembering Pinky, I will also love to share a bone with her family Bobby & Soapy they fill that void she left.

Today is love your pet day! What is your pet name? I would love to hear from you? Maybe you don’t have a pet but want one, Visit the SPCA today and wag a tail of love.


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  1. natallie machado

    ohh sweet my pet is mickey hes a cat quite small and black all over
    everyone thinks am mad and you know the superstition around black cats
    he had a twin brother unfortunately he disappeared after being hunted down my litlle kids in my hood
    i really cried now all i have is mickey

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