My name is Natallie Ruvimbo Machado

i am a student aged 19. The first born in a family of  two…

So i am a junior Councillor for Chitungwiza ward 21, a member of Young peoples network and my department is youth in governance. For those who are wondering what that is…it simply means that i am the one who reports on the pros and cons of youths in political structures: that is junior council and junior parliament…Oh yes i am also a Singer. I have a passion for children so i try to be involved with them as much as i can.

The problem arises in me also being a child as lot if grown ups find it hard to take me seriously. I work mostly with people who need informed consent  so as to participate in the activities i facilitate. My age and gender at times lead older people to undermine what i do. Also culturally speaking women have their place in society and that ideal might at times interfere with my endeavors. For example, in as much as we teach girls  their worth there is always the cultural perception of women’s inferiority.

And yes  something closer to home, I face challenges on how to manage my time so that every aspect of my own life is not deprived. At rimes it is hard to cope especially when i do not see positive results. Believe me at times i am so close to quitting but my passion for the young  ones, especially young girls keeps me going. My desire is for every girl to feel proud and achieve so much for herself.  I guess i want at least 40 female presidents. I believe in the potential of women so much. I guess you can call me a feminist hahaha!!! But yeah that’s me so maybe in the near future if you see a short talkative girl talking about womens superioty that will most probably be me


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  1. sapphi

    Nice post. Great work you’re doing there

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