Please join us in celebrating Ladies with a mountain of talent ,a midsummer night’s worth of bright charisma and a light tip of feminism. Prepare to be inspired as “PROWL” presents Chasing in stilettos 2016

We come from a world where celebrities get accolades and the young women toiling in the hot sun ordinarily being extraordinary are seldom celebrated and so we decided its high time that young women know that they are more than enough

We want to celebrate the girlfriends that we shared coffee with ,sat in a Kombi with or the girlfriends we went to school with, that are impacting and attaining their goals irrespective of their challenges .

Congratulations girlfriend we see how hard you work and we are inspired

We recognize your contribution to society your scars are a sign of battles won and tears cried .

We asked ourselves ‘What if we created a place where you could nominate your best friends, your sisters from another mister for their inspiring efforts
What if we created a place where some of the women we’ve known who have been awesome and left us too soon but
could be remembered with words .

So we created this for the ladies who wake up every morning, wear their “stilettos” with pride to be PHENOMENAL and BOLD and to be themselves. These women are your friends ,roommates and they are YOU


With all our love,


Ancy, Tori and Ink

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