Thank you for nominating me for the remarkable young women platform. I like to think of myself as extremely weird but I love it. It is such an honor that someone would take the time out to read my story. It seems like just yesterday that it all started and yet it was four years ago that it all began. I will give you every detail , hahaha just kidding just a summary should do .

I remember sitting on my bed when I was sixteen and desperately needing a life of significance, one that would encourage people, and somehow it has ,it’s been a testimony of Faith and Faithfulness. I guess at that time it was a dream of adventure and the exhilarating feeling you see on the face of people that just climbed a mountain .My heart was so innocent and sheltered in a hope of dreams.

I knew I wanted to be in the health field and help people when a strong desire to become a medical missionary filled my heart  but when things didn’t work out , I found myself in an office chasing money for my bosses company and going home to cry to my granny about how unhappy I was . At that point I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew that this wasn’t it , so I prayed the prayer , Lord use my life it is not my own but yours . Soon after I found myself meeting chiropractors through a soon to be very good friend. I was led to volunteer , to me it was about serving God in a place that served the people of our country .It was so rewarding seeing people get well , I even helped an elderly lady carry out her walker as she sang and danced songs on her own to the car . It was such a beautiful time in my life to serve and get nothing physical in return but the love of people and service.

It wasn’t long before working there just wasn’t enough , I had to become a chiropractor but the only science I had was integrated science as I went to a commercial college all of my high school . The truth to be told is that even then finances were an issue; I couldn’t afford to go to school to redo my o levels and add the sciences necessary to get accepted. So after not being accepted the first time I applied ( I had to try J ) I got old books and papers from friends and sat at home and studied and in a year I passed with 2 B’s and 3C’s which was enough for me to get accepted into the course . I thanked God every day for what He had begun and the one statement that has stood strong in this journey is ‘what He has begun, He is faithful to complete ‘.

I left for Durban with enough money to register. I imagined that because I was in Gods calling everything would fall into place and be rosy but it was far from that , the financial lack , the animosity it caused at home , my body and head was constantly sore , I was tired all the time …..The amount of times I found myself crying on the phone to my mother about how hard it was and whenever she said come home i’d get up and say I could carry on . I got two jobs that took up my entire weekend finishing work at 12 at night and having another job at 8 the next morning . To make it worse I ended up staying with a family that had a security guard search my room because they didn’t trust me. It seemed too much to handle but even though I walked through the valley of the death of my calling I had peace and strength to keep going and 1st year was over.

2nd year began and I was still in Zimbabwe, there was just no money and even though that had been the case from the very beginning it was frustrating and painful, I would just cry because even though it was more comfortable to be at home where there was food, security, dstv J and I could have just got another job there was no peace, I had to get back to the hustle as my friend and I called it. It was where I was meant to, in the oceans deep knowing that God is faithful to complete what He begun. I ended up on a financial plan and after struggling with rent was later in the year blessed with an incredible boss who made me fall in love with work again and helped me work enough to cover my living; He also blessed me with a Samsung galaxy s2. I also moved out to a place closer to varsity with two incredible people who see me as a person and not as a colour and stereotype.

3rd year began and I was sponsored by a group of medical Doctors. So living was on me and my family but then my family couldn’t afford to help me and it meant I had to work more in one of the busiest years of our course, The grace to do all that I did surpassed all understanding but I also found myself falling into depression, wanting to be on my own, feeling an empty feeling in my heart and I contended with God. one day In the shower I just wept and said God I’m done, if things don’t change I’m not coming back and after a while I realised something, My life is not my own and was not that the prayer that this began with and I started looking at the past couple of years and realised that all was not for nothing. There is no doubt in my mind that God has done things to make this journey possible by allowing me to go through four years of education without stable income. when all the things and people that I relied on were taken away I realised that God didn’t leave He was right there and I have such a trust in him that for fourth year when people asked what was going on I said yes there is no finances but God will come through, He is faithful to complete what he has begun. There is no other thing I would rather be doing than living the life I’m living now

So also I was nominated, I can very easily say that all that has happened has been God using a life willing to be used whether it was easy or difficult and all glory must be given to him. The story continues and the vision is Heath Restoration, how that works out I don’t know but I’m excited to see.

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  1. wondermementos

    Wow Aimee, that’s a very inspirational story of faith. I’ve been in the same financial situation before and sometimes I wished to just wake up and find everything in its place. I’ve noticed that the trials and circumstances we face are only there to grow us, make us stronger than we were before. Thank you for sharing this with me Aimee, stay blessed

  2. lifeoutloudsite

    i super second her wow aimee that was very inspirational makes me wanna get up and do smethin

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