It was an honour to be nominated to feature in  the remarkable young women platform. I greatly appreciate the sentiment.

I am as crazy about girl power as the next girl. Being young at twenty one I am always finding ways to leverage all that I learn and discover so that I can grow and become like those who inspire me. Whilst growing up had a passion for fashion and a great desire to be in the medical  field so  I figured  why not do both.

In 2013  I got accepted into pharmacy at KwaZulu natal university and I also started working with Men up magazine. It was a challenge doing  both at the same time  but with the support of the magazine team I was able to strike a balance.

Working with Men Up was instrumental in giving me a platform to show  my love for fashion but most importantly to inspire youth.. My  goal is to own a pharmacy  and my own clothing line some day. The idea is to always see a better you and that will drive you to achieve.

Challenges are to be expected  when you are building something. My main challenge was building my confidence which is vital in this field. However meeting so many people through model scouting for magazine shoots helped me boost my confidence as well as build my interpersonal skills. In school  my challenge was the  language barrier especially  when i went out to hospital externships with mostly Zulu speaking patients. Learning the language has been awesome and I am glad to have integrated  well into the Zulu culture.  There is no limit to achieve.

What really grinds my gears is  what laziness does to the human mind. There  is no substitute for hard work. Dreams can only become an actuality when we work on them. Opportunities should be seized as they come. This is the message I would want our young ladies  to know. You can be  anything you want to be..if you believe.

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