To be able to share my story on Prowl is such a privilege that I greatly appreciate.

From the young age of eight, I had my mind set on being pilot. My first inspiration came from Captain Emily Njovani, who was part of the flight crew on an Air Zimbabwean flight to the United Kingdom in 2002, she inspired me to become a pilot when she invited us to the cockpit. Growing up, my family thought I would eventually change my mind. All the way through high school, my subject choices where guided by my dream to become a pilot. By the time I finished high school, my family was on board to support me because my mind was set. Up to this day, my family and God have been the backbone of my progress.

Born and bred in Zimbabwe, I completed my high school in 2012 and took a gap year while I tried to map out how to embark on the journey that was awaiting me. In 2013, guided by my mentor Captain Ruzungunde of Airzim I embarked on my pilot training at Lanseria Flight centre and by December 2013 I had obtained my Private Pilot’s License and in 2014, I progressed to study towards my Commercial Pilot License whilst studying Geographical Information Systems at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Currently, I am in my second year of university and am studying towards my Commercial Pilot License, as my mentor emphasized the need to have both a degree and my Pilot license if I am to go far with my chosen career

Being in a male dominated field and having a petite structure has meant extra hard work for me to reach the desired level of competence as well as to stay fit and keep up, especially because it is a highly technical field. Studying two programs at the same time is also a challenge as it requires that I sacrifice my holidays and I spend most of my time studying. Aviation studies are very expensive and I have to make the most of each lesson or opportunity.

I believe that everything is hard before it’s easy and yes there will be challenges along the way. There will be days you will feel like giving up and crying. There are times that I feel scared, especially during the initial days of my training but my love for flying and what I feel when I’m “up there” quickly blocks out the fear. There is no greater feeling in the world for me.

I am all for women empowerment and girl power and I believe women are smart enough to do whatever they set their mind to . Yes, we should be equal to men but the most important thing is to do what makes you happy and to do it for yourself because you will find fulfillment and success if you are doing something you love.

I still have a long road ahead of me and I believe with God’s grace, passion, hard work and humility, I can achieve all my goals. Success is found in building up other women, not bringing them down. Stay classy and cute ladies!

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