Someone wise once said “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” My name is Deon Mazvita Mururami, it is with this premise that i find myself with love for giving the young girls who have had it hard in life a chance at being great. I feel that once u give them an opportunity you have reduced the chances of poverty and HIV on a large scale. Empower our young girls, teach them to work with their own hands and stand on their own, guide her to believe in herself and to know her worth and you create a warrior, a force to be reckoned with, A STORM! Its like the song “Something Inside so strong” by Labi Siffre says. There really is something inside us girls that is strong. That is why I am more than inspired to do charity work concerning the women of tomorrow, THE FUTURE!

I am from Harare. I work with a friend called Karen Mukwedeya on clothing line  called “Modish Women” which mainly focuses on women’s clothing as the name suggests. We design crop tops and tank tops which go under the name “zimbae.” We felt there weren’t enough women doing tops that represented Zimbabwean girls. With our flawless imperfections that make us beautiful.

I also do events and work for a none profit organisation called the “as I am” foundation which focuses on helping underprivileged girls.We offer talks, counselling workshops and projects for these girls and also collect sanitary wear for women and girls as accessing these is a challenge for them.

I have had to struggle with being taken seriously as a woman. With “Modish Women” finding our niche and keeping it is a challenge my business partner and i face especially as competition is growing more rapidly than when we started out but, we are evolving with the industry. All I can say to other ladies who are chasing after their dreams would be “do not to give up on your dreams and never compromise. If you have a dream know that you might have to walk the walk and talk the talk, which is more than others are willing to do so dare to live differently from them if that’s what it will take” (NO SHADY DEALINGS!)

“Modish Women” would like to grow into making beanies and accessories for girls and women. Our main aim is to create a brand that every young lady can be a part of…be it you at the gym; you have your ” gym tee or on a cold winter’s day; you have your Beanie.

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