Did Mr Darcy cancel his college application?

Did Mr Darcy cancel his college application?

There are some things that are so sacred to the collegiate: a timetable that fits perfectly with my sleeping habits and would allow me to sleep through to 10am, even if I have slept at 8pm. A nice guy that doesn’t want to jump your bones but hold your hand and help you with your assignments.
Did Mr Darcy cancel his college application?
In my humble opinion…he partially did.
College has become a playground for the ‘non-committal guy ‘ ,it has become a norm for ordinary looking guys (that are packing some dollars in their wallet ) and other drop dead handsome guys to approach women for nothing more than ‘a good time’ or a relationship that cannot be defined…and that makes me mad …very mad .

It didn’t bother me until I met the evil twin of Mr Darcy the other say and its making me rethink whether I should date up (working class men) or date down (don’t date at all) .
A few days ago, whilst I was wading knee-deep in assignments in the library, this guy walked up to me (let’s call him Jason) and he dazzled me with his dentist special white teeth. I wish I could say I have fallen for this guy but I haven’t.
I wish I could say it was a magical moment; fairy godmother had transformed my Donald duck t-shirt to a low cut cleavage baring top and I had a dash of lip color. It wasn’t. I listened to him awkwardly trying to find the right words to ask me to be his Total (the service station). He eventually dropped the bomb and before it could detonate I was already awkwardly trying to carry my books.

I was shocked. I was mad and I was disgusted.

Where did it become so norm in college for dating to be obsolete and wild hook-ups to be a norm? Someone please tell me.
I hope that Jason is reading this and not just my Jason.
College women want to be held hands and to be dated and not endlessly asked to ‘hook up’ especially after 9pm We enjoy having our doors opened for us and we love to be treated as well educated young women and not some random lady you picked on the streets for your 5 minutes of fame .
Where are you Mr Darcy?

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