Chasing In Stilettos: Gwendolene Mugodi

Chasing In Stilettos: Gwendolene Mugodi

Maya Angelou once said “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” . I hope that when i breathe my last it would be the final curtain call that ends a life that was full of grace and style .
I know you might be screaming at your laptop thinking ‘Gwendolyn! Who are you? What’s your Story? So here I am -this is me!. These are my random answers at midnight .

Where are you from ?

Born in Gweru, but most of my life has been lived in many places around Harare.

What do I do?

My dream is to be a storyteller. In many ways, this comes from our great culture of Ngano. I have always loved a good story. Whether it was when my mother was telling it, or I was reading it on the page and creating I think my childhood involved creating alternate worlds in my mind. From my time in college, I am looking at coming out with skills in creative writing, film making (short films, documentaries), play writing, and many other ways of just portraying histories and lived experiences.

Favorite color

Turquoise blue

When will you define yourself a success?

At this point of my life, I think when I have made some impact on the literary scene in Zimbabwe. I grew up reading really great authors but the majority of them were British and American authors. While this opened up my eyes to a world bigger than the one I lived in, it also meant I was not very aware of my own culture and heritage. I guess my ideal future would look a lot more representative of the multicultural and multiethnic world we live in. I think this is one of the keys in changing the world. We take it for granted but books, television, radio, all forms of storytelling shape how we see the world and the people we share it with. I strongly believe that sharing positive, nuanced stories about each other could really bring us a lot closer as human beings

What do you do when life messes you up?

Cry. Watch a good Tv show. Rant and then move on. Life will almost always not go according to your plans. So I choose not to look at it as being “messed up”. I often have to turn to the Desiderata which is one of my favorite poems to remind me that I am where I am supposed to be.

What is the biggest obstacle you faced in being in a new environment?

Apart from freezing in the cold, I think just coming to terms with being different in so many ways was a struggle. Coming into being a black woman in this country changed the way I look at not only the US but also Zimbabwe itself. And that hasn’t been an entirely comfortable process. I constantly had to deal with tension between who I am and want to be. In many ways I am still dealing with those issues but they were definitely hardest in my first days here.

What advice do you want to give to young women?

My beautiful sister reminded me of this recently “You are enough. You are more than enough. You are more than good enough.” Go forth and share your brilliance with the world.


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