Life is very unpredictable. You never know how the story of your life will unfold or that your life could suddenly change. Trust me. I know. If you asked me 8 years ago what I would be 8 years later I would probably tell u, “Well I’m going to be a lawyer and one day have my own law firm” OR “I’m going to be the Secretary General of the UN”. Well at least that’s what I thought at the time.

At present, I am not a lawyer .I founded an Ngo and I am studying psychology. Reason being? My period.. Say what? Yes my Period. You know when you bleed every month from the very intimate area?  Yes . That period. Exactly around that time when I was planning my life, miss period went crazy and eventually turned into a chronic illness called endometriosis (another subject for another time) Subsequently, she changed the course of my life and she brings us here.

Now we all know every girl at a certain age, gets her menstrual period. We mostly are taught the biology of it and if you are at a co-ed school, all the teacher receives is giggles from the class. But the reality of it is, are we taught about the period in its entirety? Can we even ask or discuss things related to the vagina? (Yes I said vagina. It is not a rude word.) Can we even really talk about it?

I know many of us ladies menstruating say things like, “it’s that time of the month” and are actually shy to say , “im on my period”. Why? Is it something to be ashamed of? Is it disgusting? In some religions some girls cannot even enter the presence of the Lord because they are bleeding and are “dirty”… But, if we see girls half-naked, twerking and watch porn, it’s cool. Yet a natural process such as bleeding every month is “dirty”. I think we’ve lost it somewhere along the line.

So this section of Prowl addresses exactly that. I’m a victim of this ignorance and so are many other women who have suffered menstrual related diseases. The main reason being it’s not talked about, therefore not researched or made a priority, therefore, also affecting the woman. What the society and many of us forget is that we all came to being, because our mamas simply, had, a period.

Hence , every Friday we will discuss everything period. What’s healthy and what’s not. We will ponder on remedies for period pain, what is normal when it comes to pain, and what is potentially alarming. We will even talk about the vagina and how to keep her healthy.  Now I’m not an expert, but I think if we can get together as women and just create discussion on this, then half of the battle is already won. Part of being a whole and complete woman is the womb and the fruit of the womb, and when that is compromised, so is the woman .. So.. its time to talk. Talk. Period!

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