I stopped procrastinating!

I stopped procrastinating!

Whether you are studying for a law degree or engineering degree, we have all been there where –our weeks are filled with assignments, tests and projects and we just can’t seem to motivate ourselves to even write an assignment or study for a class test. I have been there and I know exactly how you feel! It was so easy to put pressure on myself to study for the in class test a day before than three weeks before.

I feel like I can safely say that I have kicked procrastinating to the curb ,and I am saying this with a huge grin on my face .However please do note that we have different ways of being procrastinating free ,so give my tactics a try and if they don’t work :figure out what works for you. This are my tactics:

a) I have an organized color coded calendar

Whoever invented a calendar is a genius! I don’t know where I would have been if I didn’t own a calendar that allows me to scribble on it. I write down all my assignments including my due dates, exam dates and times. A color coded calendar helps you stay on top of your college game and makes you look very organized. I have coded my calendar in the following colors

  • Pink- assignments
  • Blue – class tests
  • Purple –exam dates

b) Have a study time

 I cannot think on an empty stomach (well, that’s a lie). It is important that one establishes and sets a time where there can study so well and concentrate more. Initially it will be hard to have a set time but eventually it will become a habit and you will find yourself with a routine that is tailor made just for you. I have found out that between 5-7pm my brain is exhausted and I use that time to do dishes and cook supper, so my study time at most times begins from 7 on-wards.


c) Have your spot

One man’s study spot is another man’s worst spot (smile ). Find a spot that suits your personality and you can get work done ,your spot doesn’t have to match your roommate’s-it has to be personal .


What are your strategies for kicking procrastination? I would love to hear from you


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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  1. wilma

    It’s so true…procrastination is the real thief of time. I’m a first year student and am currently in the last quarter of my first semester. The first quarter went on quite well, I managed to be on top for all my modules….. I really agree with you Ancy. Having a tailor-made study timetable works wonders. I was so fortunate to discover the time of the day during which I can concentrate and study. The other thing is eating proper and healthy meals and drinking lots of water. Having said that…i think it all goes down to discipline. As an individual, you should set goals….and have visions, especially as a Prowl. And, keep in mind that ‘Action is the foundational key to all success’.

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