This Harare,I call home

This Harare,I call home

A little over twenty years ago, I stepped out to the world for the very first time onto Zimbabwean soil .From day one it just felt like ‘home. It felt normal and I have never stopped feeling out of place.

I come from a city where the sun shines all year and welcomes any visitor with a warmness that makes you feel right at home. I grew up in a city where everyone was in everyone’s business –if you were famous that is. There was that one woman who knew everyone’s business before H-metro hit our streets and instant news became a thing.

From where I come from you know there is something going down if your neighbors show up at your doorstep, a little frazzled and all sweaty. Neighbors don’t just show up to your house and if you new to the neighborhood forget the welcome casserole dish. However we will be peeping through ‘Durawall’ holes and straining our necks to verify your presence before we ‘friend ‘or ‘unfriend you’.

I come from a city where no-one goes to anyone’s house unless they have a ‘Musika ‘or  kunobata maoko (someone passed away) .This Harare, I call home is where a community raises a child and everyone will know your business.




Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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