I am the classic example of the “know it all.” This is probably owing to my extensive library which holds some of the most convincing accounts of life and the world at large. But like all fictional Novels, these books have a gross lack of accuracy in their reconciliation of the real world and the world we readers walk into the moment we turn to the first page of a novel.

My acquired knowledge extends from knowing how to “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT,” to “HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON.” So when my dad decided to give me a “FATHER’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL” I had already concluded in my mind that there was nothing he could teach me that “IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME” had not already taught me. Classic “know it all mistake”

I was not prepared for the conversation we had just as i was about to be sent off to university, miles away from home. I will carry this Dad–à–tête with me, wherever i go :

1. STAY FOCUSED: there will be plenty of distractions in this new world, in the form pretty much anything you can think of. Remember where you come from, who you are, where you are headed and most of all Do Not Forget God. Pretty basic stuff right?

2. HAVE SUCCESS WITH PURPOSE: Success is no use if you do not know how to use it. Remember there are a lot of successful people out there, some of which have invested their success in terrible places. Showing up to all the parties with the most exciting social media accounts. “My Dear,” he said “fancy things are great but they are not forever! Using them wisely will be worth your while. Whether it is a scholarship, or a good grade, use it wisely.”

3. MONEY MATTERS: money can be lost as easily as it is acquired. You can go from zero to hero in a New York minute. Remember in the recession there were people who had it all but lost it all. Imagine how hard it was for them to adadpt to their new social status, darling daughter, the higher they are the harder they fall. Never make money mean more to you than the relationships you form. Never chose money over solid relationships and remember who you were before you made it, stay that person at heart

4. A LOT OF THINGS ARE DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU SPEND: my personal favourite, as an impulsive shopper. This piece of advice took me through my first month of university when suddenly i had all this money at my disposal and numerous options to spend it on.

5. USE YOUR FREE TIME WISELY: there will be days you will be too tired to work but you’re still making your mark on the world so work hard. Opportunity is a crazy thing it likes to strike when you are sleeping.

6. THE SKY REALLY IS THE LIMIT: As he said this we were driving past a new state of the art hospital and i was quietly thinking “i could work there someday.” Then as if he was reading my mind he said to me, “sweetheart if you really think about it nothing can stop you from owning your own hospital one day.”

With that i thought, as i like to say to my friends, My sky, My limit.

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